Interactive and efficient risk management

The solution for managing risks within your organization. Our innovative risk management software helps you identify, analyse and manage risks in an efficient and interactive way.


Improve your risk management with our interactive approach

Together with your team, brainstorm innovative ways to reduce risks and protect your organization against potential threats.

Make risk sessions more interactive with QR code participation

Increase team engagement

Automated and visual feedback


Clear overview of all risks and measures

Get a different view of your risk landscape with our visual and interactive dashboard.

Analyze and prioritize risks easily and quickly

Real-time updates and reports

Geodata (GIS)

Identify and visualize high-risk locations

Use map layers to analyze your project environment.

Link risks to locations and vice versa

Use your own geodata in RiskChallenger


Support from our experts

Get in touch for the best support! Our technical experts and advisors are happy to help you.

Direct live chat support

Specialist support; technical and substantive

RiskChallenger Resilience

RiskChallenger Resilience

RiskChallenger Resilience wants to make the Netherlands safer. Thanks to our years of knowledge and experience in risk management, we help Safety, Security, Crisis and Business Continuity Managers improve processes and safety solutions.

Communicative risk management applied to safety and security

Business Continuity Management

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